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On September 11, 1973 Augusto Pinochet overthrew the government of President Salvador Allene in Chile. Pinochet's military couple killed and tortured thousands of people in an effort to get rid of the left-wing government. There were also many forced disappearances. They secretly disposed of about 1,000 victims after they were tortured and murdered. Even through his horrific crimes, there were many people that supported Pinochet.


Jorge Lubbert was forced to work for Pinochet during the Chilean genocide. He was introduced to Jaime Letelier and was threatened if he didn't sign a document to start National Information Centre (CNI) training, the secret police, to become a state agent. He tried to resist but was under too much pressure. One day two guys took him and forced him into another vehicle; this went on for four months during his CNI training and he was routinely abducted then blindfolded and taken to secret locations. Jorge lived in fear that he could be taken at any moment and still does today. During his training he saw a guy cut a corpse's testicles off and was given a piece of the dead body to hold; the process was to dehumanize you from emotion. Before the training was complete he was able to escape to Germany with the help from his father.

Al Jazeera

During Pinochet's regime he had secret death camps where many people were brutally murdered. The Chilean military denied that these facilities existed and the authorities weren't even aware of the extermination centers. Jorge was a servant inside one of the secret government facilities where he witnessed kidnapping, torture, and murder. His testimony has led to arrests and convictions. One woman remembers starting to live her life in fear at 15 years old; her father Fernando is one of the many who disappeared. Her father who was a communist went into hiding because Pinochet's forces were looking for him but government agents found him. Jorge was one of the lasts to see her father at the death camps where he was beaten before being killed.

YouTube - Journeyman Pictures

In 1998 Pinochet was arrested through an international arrest warrant in London for being connected to several human rights violations regarding the Chilean genocide. There was a legal battle and he ended up being released back to Chile in 2000 due to ill health. In 2004 Chilean judge Juan Guzman ruled that Pinochet was medically fit for trial and placed him under house arrest. By the time Pinochet died in December 2006 there were about 300 criminal charges against him.


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